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本文摘要:Edward Snowden has helped design a mobile phone case called the “introspection engine” that, he claims, will show when a smartphone is transmitting information that could be monitored.爱德华斯诺登参予设计了一个手机维护壳,称作“反监听装置”,他声称可以监测到智能手机否在传输有可能被监听的信息。


Edward Snowden has helped design a mobile phone case called the “introspection engine” that, he claims, will show when a smartphone is transmitting information that could be monitored.爱德华斯诺登参予设计了一个手机维护壳,称作“反监听装置”,他声称可以监测到智能手机否在传输有可能被监听的信息。Presenting via video link to event at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Snowden and co-designer Andrew “Bunnie” Huang showed how the device connects to a phone’s different radio transmitters, showing its owner knows when a cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is being used to share or receive data.在马萨诸塞州剑桥市的麻省理工学院媒体实验室里,斯诺登和他的合作伙伴Andrew“Bunnie” Huang通过视频链接展开了展示,向手机用户展出该装置如何相连到手机的有所不同无线电发射器,该设备不会向用户表明手机否在用于蜂窝技术,Wi-Fi或蓝牙设备相连共享或接收数据。Initial mockups of the introspection engine show a small, monochromatic display built into its casing shows whether the phone is “dark”, or whether it is transmitting, and it also can supply an iPhone with extra battery power and cover the rear-facing camera.反监听装置的初始模型是植入手机保护套的一个小小的单色显示器,它需要表明手机否被“白”,或否在传输信息,它还可以为苹果手机获取额外的电力,并遮住苹果手机的后置摄像头。It could be developed to act as a sort of “kill switch” that would disconnect a phone’s power supply when it detects that a radio is transmitting data after its owner has attempted to turn it off.该装置可以沦为一种“截断电源”,如果检测到无线电数据传输,在用户企图将手机重开后,它就不会插入手机的电源。

The device is an academic project and nowhere near ready for the mass market, but could still influence how consumers view the “tracking devices” – otherwise known as smartphones that they rely on every day.该装置是一个学术项目,还没量产上市的打算,但仍有可能影响消费者如何看来“追踪设备”——或者说就是他们每天倚赖的智能手机。“If you have a phone in your pocket that’s turned on, a long-lived record of your movements has been created,” Snowden said. “As a result of the way the cell network functions your device is constantly shouting into the air by means of radio signals a unique identity that validates you to the phone company. And this unique identity is not only saved by that phone company, but it can also be observed as it travels over the air by independent, even more dangerous third parties.”斯诺登说道:“如果你的口袋里有一个开着的手机,那么它就创立了一个有关你的活动的持久记录。由于手机网络运作的方式,你的手机大大以无线电信号的方式向空中升空一种类似的身份信息,这种信息将向电话公司证实你的身份。

而这个独有的身份信息不仅不会被该电话公司留存,还不会在空中传输的过程中被独立国家个体、甚至是更加危险性的第三方监测到。”Most smartphones disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular transmission when in airplane mode, but Snowden and Huang say that can’t be trusted.大多数智能手机在飞行中模式下停止使用Wi-Fi,蓝牙和蜂窝传输,但斯诺登和Huang回应这不能信任。“Malware packages, peddled by hackers at a price accessible by private individuals, can activate radios without any indication from the user interface,” they write in their paper on the device. “Trusting a phone that has been hacked to go into airplane mode is like trusting a drunk person to judge if they are sober enough to drive.”他们在有关该装置的文件中写道:“黑客贩卖的恶意软件包在,其价格平易近人,可以在用户界面没任何命令的情况下转录无线电信号。

坚信一个早已被黑客攻击的手机转入了飞行中模式,就像坚信一个醉酒的人去辨别自己否充足精神状态到可以驾车。”The project is an extension of Snowden’s work to inform the public about the surveillance capabilities available to governments around the world. In June 2013 he revealed information about mass surveillance programs from the National Security Agency, where he was a contractor.斯诺登要告诉公众关于世界各地政府的监控能力,该项目是回应的伸延。2013年6月,斯诺登揭发了美国国家安全局的大规模监控活动,他曾是那里的一名雇员。


In addition to educating people about security risks, he now wants to help citizens defend themselves – if the introspection engine ever becomes a reality.除了对人们展开安全性风险教育,他现在想要协助公民维护自己——如果这个反监听装置需要沦为现实的话。Snowden and Huang say there’s no guarantee the device will ever be more than a mockup. “Over the coming year, we hope to prototype and verify the introspection engine’s abilities,” they write. “As the project is run largely through volunteer efforts on a shoestring budget, it will proceed at a pace reflecting the practical limitations of donated time.” If they do receive the proper funding, they could release the device in partnership with the Freedom of the Press Foundation media advocacy group.斯诺登和Huang回应,无法确保该装置不会会只是一个实物模型。他们写到:“在未来的一年中,我们期望作出该鼓吹监听装置的样机并检验其能力。



Snowden said the introspection engine was designed to help protect journalists. “One good journalist in the right place at the right time can change history. One good journalist can move the needle in the context of an election. One well-placed journalist can influence the outcome of a war,” he said.斯诺登说道,设计该鼓吹监控装置的目的是维护记者。他说道:“在准确的时间和地点,一位杰出的记者可以转变历史。

在议会选举的过程中,一位刚强的记者可以对议会选举结果产生影响。在战争中,一位有能力的记者可以影响战争的结果,““This makes them a target, and increasingly the tools of their trade [are] being used against them. Our technology is beginning to betray us not just as individuals but as classes of workers, particularly those who are putting a lot on the line in the public interest.”“这使记者们沦为目标,而且记者的职业工具也更加被用来对付他们自身。

我们的技术早已开始憎恨我们,不仅憎恨个人,而且憎恨工人阶层,尤其是那些为了公众利益、在通话中透漏大量信息的人。”Snowden and Huang are concentrating on working with Apple’s iPhone, but also said the device could be modified to work on other smartphones. Apple has not responded to a request for comment.斯诺登和Huang专心于研究在苹果公司的手机上用于该装置,但他们也回应该装置可以改装成后在其他智能手机上运营。